Quantity of storehouse of total lock of network of aether lane L2 reachs 3.6 billion dollar, arbitrum is occupied than 74.18%

Babbitt dispatch, show according to L2BEAT data, up to on September 19, quantity of total lock storehouse already reached 3.6 billion dollar on aether lane Layer2. Lock up a storehouse to measure Arbitrum of highest plan of the look that it is enlarge among them, restrain 2.7 billion dollar, occupy than 74.18% . It is DYdX next, the quantity that lock up a storehouse exceeds 392 million dollar, occupy than 10.96% ; Optimism ranks with the quantity locking up a storehouse of 232 million dollar 3, occupy than for 6.47% .

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What are stock and shares?

In the financial market, shares are used as units of mutual funds, limited partnerships and real estate investment trusts. Equity refers to all the shares of a company. The owners of company shares are the shareholders of the company.

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