Data: Bit money calculates force to be climbed inside 83 days litre 128% , the majority is mysterious collier already ” disappear “

Occupy Bitcoin 9 month 19 days to report, coinWarz data shows, bit money calculates force to be in in the past two climb ceaselessly inside week litre, achieve 174 EH/s twice since June 28, and in the past two weeks maintain all the time be in 125 EH/s above. Current, the network of bit money calculates muscularity to be 158 EH/s about, relatively rose at the low 69 EH/s 83 days ago 128% . Meanwhile, faceless calculate force to had dropped considerably, the of 96% mysterious collier of the record end June has disappeared.

Meanwhile, aether lane calculates force to also rise considerably. This number ever declined before two months 504 TH/s, now the day is 740 TH/s. Since June 25, 2021, aether lane calculated force to grow about 46.82% .

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