Analysis: Since the near future shows shoot, market sentiment has not returned exalted position

Occupy AMBCrypto 9 month 19 days to report, a paragraph of very brief negative capital was experienced during the undersell before this after cost is led, the capital cost rate of sustainable agreement market returned bit money slightly level, this shows the member that trade still anticipates the price will appear rise impetus. But bigger trend looks be like neuter, or be like character of place of analyst Lex Moskovski, the market may is in ” suspicion ” condition. In addition, although did not make the same score a storehouse agreement (OI) on September 10 sole hind begins to climb litre, but collapse hind shines in the market, the day of BTC option market trades the quantity is relatively inferior still. The not smooth storehouse of all on September 17 bourse adds up to yo-yo to be 8.57 billion dollar, under the 9 billion dollar that records before today.

The analysis last week points out Ecoinometrics, trade only the activity, still not be clear about not smooth storehouse agreement and day all clinch a deal the trend that the volume drops whether already sole, although did not make the same score a storehouse after showing shoot,agreement rises somewhat. In fact, to CME bit money the observation of period power market makes clear, market sentiment has not returned exalted position.

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