NFT game Axie Infinity last week income 7.6 million dollar, precede other DeFi applies considerably

Catenary hears a news, the income of a week of past of NFT game Axie Infinity reachs 7.6 million dollar, 4.25% what basically come from charge of Yu Fan breed and sale of its NFT market, rank more than considerably ever since MetaMask (2.1 million dollar) , PancakeSwap (1.9 million dollar) , Synthetix (1.3 million dollar) , MakerDAO (1.2 million dollar) with Curve (800 thousand dollar) income of past a week, be equivalent to these 5 DeFi application last week income the sum.

Catenary hears the story before this, sale of month of Axie Infinity 6 breaks through 121 million dollar, annulus comparing grows 351% , it is the 2nd NBA Top Shot (45.43 million dollar) nearly 3 times of sale.

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